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By on September 16, 2013

The 2019 Northwest ASL Championships

425830_390526834296606_186013935_nThe NWASL Championships draws ASL players across the US and Canada for three days of competitive play in a relaxed setting.


Lots of pick-up action, too. Play for keeps or play for fun, it’s all good.


And hey, look down!




Ye Olde Timetable of ASL Events for 2019


The “Food Fight! Micro-Mini” | 9am to 4:30pm

ASL for Fun with Lone Canuck Productions | 9am to 4:30pm

Tourney Round One | 6pm to Midnight



Tourney Round Two | 9am to 4pm

Tourney Round Three | 5pm to Midnight



The Final Tournament Round | 9am to 3pm

Award Ceremony | 3:30pm


Get yer 2019 tournament docs right here!

2019 NWASL Scenario Data Sheet-Public final