Game On! 2015


Proudly hosted again at the Issaquah Holiday Inn, we’re locatedĀ just a hop, skip, and a jump from Exit 15 off I-90.

It’s a great venue with tons of space — and we’ll need it, because we’re taking over the place with:
  • Wargames
  • Board and CardĀ Games
  • Monster Games, with the time and space you need to play them
  • Free family day on Sunday — Spouses and kids play free with your admission
  • The 10th Annual NW ASL Championships
  • OCS/TCS/SCS (if you play ‘em, you know what they are)
  • Card Games and Minis (X-Wing, Sails of Glory, and stuff with zombies)
  • Our annual swap meet
  • PLUS, beer and food served right at your table!

Go ahead, poke around the site, or register right here.