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By on January 30, 2019



09 March 2019

Survey Says!

Around 40 of you sounded off in our 2019 Game On survey, and what you had to say came across loud and clear: you really dig the new location.

Beyond clicking a few boxes in responses to our questions, you shared a raft of thoughtful feedback in the written sections. All of it is helpful, as we can take this feedback to the good folks at the Red Lion in prep for 2020 and put some thought into how we run things too. Here are a few themes that came across …

Feed me, Seymour!

Many of you would like to see a bit more diversity in the “gamer’s menu” that Red Lion put together. While plenty of folks were fine with it, the choices were a bit limited. Next year we’ll look to broaden the scope of the menu and work in some vegetarian options, along with lighter fare and some salads. You can’t live on fried food alone. OR CAN YOU? The free snacks and free breakfast buffet were a hit too, ‘natch.

As for the hotel’s food service, it was spotty for some and good for others. You were all forgiving of how the snow impacted staffing a few evenings, which led to a dip in service. Likewise, we feel like the Red Lion may have underestimated our might in the first place—just how quickly we can go through food and drink. This is a point we’ll bring up for next year so that they can staff accordingly and turn around your orders and payments much more smoothly.

And oh yeah, we will have coffee service next year.

We heard you too about the proximity to supermarkets and coffee shops. At the Holiday Inn, we had options within walking distance. Now, not so much. Whole Foods is about a mile away, and the Trader Joe’s just a little less than that, which is not the same as walking across the Holiday Inn parking lot to the PCC or Tully’s. Next year, let’s hope there’s no show-stopping snow that keeps you from taking advantage of that and delivery services like Uber Eats.

Related, you gave your room stays high marks overall. Just remember to check the thermostat on the fridge in your room. There were reports of frozen tuna salad and Modello slushies.

Let there be light.

How about that new gaming space? From what we heard, you loved it. The light, the noise level, the climate control, the way you could get around … all those points were called out and more. The best feedback (and we love this) is how you were all stoked to be in one room. You called out the feeling of camaraderie that created, how easy it was to find a pickup game, and there was at least one person who played a wargame for the first time because it was “right there.” In fact, among the survey respondents, 25% of you say you come to Game On to play both wargames and board and card games. Music to our ears, and we have always felt that the old Holiday Inn layout created an unnecessary distinction between the two.

So, Red Lion or Holiday Inn next year?


It’s the Lion, by a mile. At least in your estimation. And that’s our plan as well. Obviously, we balance quite a bit when deciding to hold Game On, but this gives us a pretty clear path forward.

That’s just a quick summary. You shared other helpful feedback about what went great and where we can improve. We’re taking all of that in too and applying it toward 2020 AND BEYOND!

Thanks to all of you for showing up this year and giving this new venue a shot. We’re super-stoked to hear how much fun you had at this year’s con. Got more feedback? Bump on over to our Facebook group and chat us up.






12 February 2019

Sound Off! It’s the Post-‘Con Survey!

Okay, how many of you flipped over your Root boards to use the winter theme?

You braved sleet and snow and gloom of night to get here. And for that, you get a big ol’ Game On!

Thanks for coming out this year, and condolences to our friends who couldn’t make it or had to cut it short due to the weather. You folks kept things cozy with all that gaming, whether you were here or just at home holding your own mini-con and sharing your pics on Facebook. My only wish is that our vests were fleece-lined. Maybe we can look into that for next year.

Along those lines: feedback. Specifically yours.

We made a few changes this year with the venue and the length of the ‘con being the two most noteworthy. Now, with 2020 ahead of us, we want to hear from you.

With that comes our survey. It’s 10 quick questions about your impressions and experience at GameOn! 2019 that we’ll then take and use to shape our plans for 2020. How was the Red Lion overall? How was the food? Red Lion or Issaquah Holiday Inn? What went well? What could be improved? Things like that. Sound off–we want to make this the best ‘con for you.

Survey link here:

Note: Survey closes on Monday, February 18th, so get on the stick!

Thanks again for making it out to the ‘con this year, because you folks make this ‘con.



(P.S. The smart money is on the Woodland Alliance. They’re rascally!)



01 February 2019

A Quick Word About Hank

After eight years of holding this ‘con, Hank’s story remains worth telling.

Hank was a great friend to many, and his passing hit us hard. His humor and the enjoyment he found in friends around the table was there for you to see any time you sat down and played a game with him or shared a beer and talked about old sports sims like Strat-O-Matic. We miss him terribly, yet his legacy lives on through Game On. We can thank his family and his estate for donating his games years ago, which allowed us to spin up the funds to get this annual event off the ground.

His legacy further lives on through the Hank Award, which we award to great people who are great to game with–as voted upon by you.

So, as you roll some dice, push some counters, or throw down a card that puts the kibosh on your neighbor, think of the folks you’re sharing a few days of gaming with and cast your vote for the Hank Award.

This is also a chance to recognize the Advance After Combat guild on BoardgameGeek, who last summer donated hundreds of dollars to suicide prevention causes in Hank’s name. Thanks to all of you who are keeping his memory alive with your support and by joining us at the ‘con.





30 January 2019

Just One Week Away!

And that’s a fine reminder to make sure you have your games booked by this Friday, the 1st of February. That’s when we’ll lock down the schedule so that Ralph can work his magic with floor plans, spreadsheets, and the convention staff to get tables laid out and assigned for your gaming pleasure.

You probably know the drill quite well by now, however, if you’re hosting a game event, be sure to get it on the schedule page right here. That will give us a sense of how many tables we need for assigned games and how many tables we need for open gaming.

See you folks in a week!